United in Prayer at Dutch Universities

Our Mission

United in Prayer is a University based initiative that mobilizes students and workers of Dutch Universities to pray

We pray to:

  • be united in Christ at the university
  • be equipped for His purposes at the university
  • stand in the gap for our fellow students and employees at Dutch universities

Who we are:

We are a group of students and workers from different faculties and churches in Dutch universities that are passionate about seeing God work on our campus.

Why prayer?

We have seen that God cares for us and wants to be involved in our lives above all expectations. Not only to the people taking part in United in Prayer, but to everyone at Dutch universities that dares to ask Him. It is for this reason that we pray for everyone in Dutch universities to become curious who that awesome God is!

What we believe:

We believe that God has created us, people, for his glory. We believe that he has sent his son Jesus to pay the price for our sins by his death and resurrection at the cross, so that we can now live freely and unashamed in Him.

Can I take part?

For sure! Please send a message on theĀ contact page! If you are not a Christian, but want to know what this is all about feel free to contact as well!

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