A couple of years ago I was totally surprised to find out that God is willing to connect with us

Testimony By Ruth

A couple of years ago I was totally surprised to find out that there is God. And even more so that He is willing to connect with us people. In my usual down to earth approach to things, I considered faith irrelevant and fake before. But after I got to know some straightforward and well thinking people that seemed to be sure about God, I realized my simple ‘I will never know for sure but it sounds ridiculous’ was not a very intelligent way to deal with life.

I decided to take the risk and just told God that if he existed I wanted to connect. And how He did show himself!!

Now, three years later I can say that it is exciting to put your trust in God, for he is trustworthy aswell as challenging! What amazed me most about God in last years is that he doesn’t want to narrow me in any way. There is a bible verse that says ‘for I will walk at liberty’. Maybe I imagined God as somebody asking me to become someone I don’t want to be, meanwhile pointing at all that is wrong about me. But in reality he sees what is valuable even more then I can see myself, and he helps me to unbind and get rid of anything that keeps me from flourishing. I can only say, please don’t waste a life of purpose by not seeking after it! And feel free to contact if you want to know more…

Testimony by Karin

Gods answers when you ask something from Him, something I really noticed the past year. Before I came studying in Delft, I had a lot of expectations and worries for the new year. Soon it became clear that praying gave me a lot of peace. Therefore, I found it a nice idea to have a small prayergroup with other people who just started studying in Delft, in order to bring our worries and thoughts to God. Short after the start of the study year I had a conversation with two friends from my student society. They also liked praying together and so it came, we formed a prayer group. Each 2-3 weeks we prayed during a break, especially the subject ‘rooms’ did occur a lot.

The first time we talked about rooms we started imagining about our rooms: “It would be nice to live together, with 3 or 4 girls!” “Some men are also nice, they do not complain that much, haha”! And so the dreaming went on… During the conversation several  dreams passed by, such as an older home with a garden (on the south side), a balcony and a tree in de garden to complete it all!

Gods answers when you ask something from Him, something I really noticed!

In the end we decided to pray for only a house were we would feel at home, preferably with other christians so you can edify each other in faith. We have prayed during a half year for this, not only in the prayer group but also during personal prayers. After a year I can see that God listens and hears our prayers, but with His timing. I have had several, less pleasant, rooms but God heard our prayers in a special way. Now I can say I live in a beautiful home, together with three other christian girls (one is a friend from the prayergroup) and a boy. It is a house with a balcony, a garden on the south side and even multiple trees in the garden. The house is situated in a place where we really liked to live. God has not only given what we asked for, but even what we dreamt of!